Digital Marketing

You have an amazing business but no one knows about it. Digital or online marketing is a really powerful and cost effective way to promote your business. There are loads of options available and most of them won't cost you a cent. They will however, cost you some time and that is where I come in.

I can help you with your digital marketing efforts regardless of what stage you are currently in.

Set up phase

If you're just getting started, I can save you time by setting up your social media channels and/or email database for you.

Some examples of social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo & YouTube. I don't recommend that you try to be in all places at once. Instead I suggest that you select a few or even just one social media channel that you think you will be able to manage, and then focus on doing it really well.

Email newsletters are another very effective way of reaching your customers. It's important to get set up right and ensure that you are complying with SPAM rules.


There is so much information out there, and it's changing by the day. It's very exciting as it means that now we have so many different ways to promote a business, reach new customers and keep in touch with existing customers. But it can also be very overwhelming. It's easy to end up with a case of information overload.

I can reduce the overwhelm by providing you with customised training. Just the stuff that you need to know and best practices. Most of the time I will record a video specifically for you so that you can take time to absorb the information, but I am also able to catch up with you via Skype or in person if you prefer. Whatever works best for you.


You have everything set up, but are looking to make improvements. I can audit your website, social media channels or email newsletters and provide you with feedback, recommendations and action points. I find that most of the time, my recommendations are quick fixes. Things that you may not have thought of or tools that you didn't know existed which will help to boost your marketing efforts.